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China Merchants Securities co. Ltd. provides investors with all-round professional services of securities investment and financing, including securities trading, securities financing and loan, securities issuance and underwriting, merger & acquisition, asset restructuring, financial consultation, asset management, and investment consultation. It wholly owns China Merchants Securities International, China Merchants Futures, and China Merchants Capital Investment, and is a shareholder in BOSERA Funds and China Merchants Fund, building a comprehensive securities service platform integrating both domestic and international business.Founded in August 8, 1991, China Merchants Securities is a leading enterprise under China Merchants Group. In November 2009, China Merchants Securities made a successful IPO and was listed in the Shanghai Securities Exchange (Trading code: 600999).

Customer Service Telephone:95565

Artificial fill by phone:40088-95565

Overseas hotline:86-755-26951111

E-mail:[email protected]

China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the China Merchants Securities online securities commission business qualifications
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